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We are a ground handling company, specializing in planning your holiday. These include Gorilla tracking to Uganda and Rwanda in Bwindi and Volcanoes National Parks respectively. Game viewing safaris, chimpanzee tracking, Bird watching tours, cultural tours, Nature walks and village walks. Site-seeing safaris, education and student trips, butterfly-watching tours, mountaineering, white water rafting on the Nile, sports fishing and community tours to Uganda, and Rwanda. Trek the jungle of Africa for amazing creatures such as gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, cats like lions, leopards, knitters, and other animals including giraffes, elephants, zebras, and buffalos to mention. We specialize in customized tour packages like Gorilla trekking, and chimpanzee tracking in Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga and Park National des Volcano in Rwanda. All of our safaris are tailor-made, and almost all are private groups. We work with our clients long before they arrive in the country to ensure that we are going to give them what they want.

Our range of services includes both off-shelf and tailor-made tours that feature the very best activities and destinations that all visitors wish to see on their visits to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. We have several years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction that has contributed to the company’s present success enabling us to provide unique programmes to a diverse customer base.

Jungle Whispers Ltd. values good customer care, integrity and honesty, credibility, reliability, safety, quality service, enthusiasm and accessibility. To ensure that your tour is conducted with minimum interruptions, we have a crisis management plan in place to cater for all sorts of unexpected crises. We are proud to be associated with Uganda Bird Guides Club, Uganda Safari Guides’ Association, Nature Uganda, Uganda Driver Guides’ Club and Uganda cultural Guides club. If you need any more information or advice on travel to Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo that you cannot find within the pages of this website then please contact us.

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Combined Safaris - Uganda and Rwanda

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It is really amazing that you come into the pleasant shadow of nature. Nature has spread its boon over Africa that is worth seeing by everyone. On an African Tours, you get the chance to see the various wildlife from a close distance. Here there are opportunities to feel that we are also a part of this wonderful universe. The wildlife, the place of tourism and wonderful geographical scenes of Africa never can be forgotten. You can plan to get the tourist destinations of your choice here because your time is limited in the comparison of its attractive beauties. The wildlife is full of so many varieties that you have to choose from your interest. That’s why we make customize our tours to more than one country so as to meet your Safari expectation while in this part of Africa.

Come and Discover the Beauty of Uganda.

Uganda is obviously a must-stopover if you intend to take an African safari because of its fascinating aspects. If what you are looking for is a warmer climate with beaches and plenty of safari activities, then you should not miss out on Uganda safaris. Uganda is a holiday destination that offers not only safari activities but also beach holidays, city tour excursions and cultural safaris. Uganda has a couple of outstanding and breathtaking natural wonders, such as lakes, the river Nile, Rwenzori and Elgon mountains, national parks and game reserves which make quite spectacular views. You can choose one of any of these destinations if not all for your perfect vacation. If you are very active, there are always adventurous activities at the river Nile like rafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping, or hiking on the many trails including the more challenging ones; the mountains. To see the lush vegetation and wildlife opt for safaris in national parks and game reserves where you will see the magnificent beauty that makes up Uganda.

Are you desperately in the mood of going on a gorilla safari? And possibly to Uganda? Well, perhaps this is the right time to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Uganda is now home to many of these magnificent animals, these charming gorilla animals are so interesting probably if someone tried to explain to you what gorillas are, you might not believe it, in the first place. These gorillas are not any different from us humans because they are very intelligent and probably can learn complex tasks just like human beings. They can as well communicate with people using signs for example if you dare disappoint them, they can drum on fallen trunks of trees, or even throw pieces of wood at you. This safari also provides an opportunity of seeing father and mother gorillas feed, they have different types of diets some of which include; leaves, buds, tree barks, seeds, fruit shots and sometimes flowers. In the case of water, gorillas rarely take water because most of the foods that they feed on have got enough water to make them live or stay without taking water