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Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda

Mountain Gorilla Tours in Uganda

About Uganda? Uganda majorly branded as “The Pearl of Africa” is listed among the top exciting destinations to visit in the African continent; this exciting destination was declared as the Pearl of Africa by “Sir Winston Churchill” in 1908 after his great visit to the destination in 1907.

All the declaration was brought about by the great or wide range of different exciting attractions offered including Wildlife like Wild animals, primates, reptiles, plant species, insect species and different bird species, Cultural sites, and other physical features in different regions of the country.

This Pearl of Africa receives huge numbers of tourists from different countries of the World per year because of its major attracting factors which include a wide range of different touristic features, ease of accessibility, stable financial status, welcoming locals, available good service providers, stable security and more.

All visitors to Uganda the pearl of Africa from different countries of the World, access it by air transport means arriving at Entebbe international airport which is located in the Central part of Uganda about 37 kilometres southwest of Kampala city, Uganda’s capital city.

Additionally, there are three documents required for entry permission to Uganda and these include a valid passport, an entry visa which costs $50 USD per person and valid yellow fever vaccination.

Uganda is ranked to inhabit the biggest percentage of the World’s remaining Gorilla population with almost half of it in its two major Gorilla hosting destinations.

A passport is considered valid in Uganda when it’s still six months or more to its expiration date. Research put it that most visitors to Uganda particularly tourists drop in for Mountain Gorilla trekking.

What’s Gorilla trekking? This is an exciting adventurous activity done by different interested tourists from different countries of the World; it usually involves moving in a group from the starting point wherever it is following the well-established routes heading to the Jungle in search of these most wanted shy endangered Mountain Gorillas for interaction and real experiencing of their natural lives.

After discovering these apes in the Jungles some time is allocated for trekkers to spend while in presence of these shy endangered apes and it’s only one hour spent while seeing them playing with young ones, feeding, laughing plus taking enough photos and videos of them.

It’s advised that you come along with your packed food for eating while in the Jungle since most of the time lunch hour reaches when trekkers are still in the Jungle being unable to come back for lunch at your place of residence.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda requires a permit and this permit costs $600 USD per person usually booked in advance before your trekking dates.

Where to go for Gorillas? Gorillas are ranked to be the most popularly known and wanted attraction in Uganda, this is because of their different unique features characterised. Looking forward to visiting Uganda in the Eastern part of Africa for the shy endangered ground-dwelling Mountain Gorillas, soon to be highlighted are the only two destinations which inhabit these shy endangered apes.

It’s not that you will everywhere you wish to go for these apes while in Uganda but rather there are two exceptional destinations which are known at that and these destinations include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which are both located in the Southwestern part of Uganda.

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